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Delivering services today, plans for tomorrow

Water and wastewater
Water and Wastewater portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels.

Water and wastewater master planning will be a key focus for Bundaberg Regional Council over the next 12 months with the benefits set to flow for many years to come.

Water and Wastewater portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said it was an important process and would ensure the continuity of reliable and high-quality services.

“The master planning for our water and wastewater services is not just about today,” Cr Bartels said.

“It’s about tomorrow and ensuring that we protect and appropriately manage infrastructure and resources for many, many years to come.”

He said Council’s aim was to provide a long-term plan to sustainably manage water and wastewater treatment over the next 20 years.

“This involves drilling down to individual schemes before taking a more holistic view of the entire regional network.

“A significant investment is being made in the planning works with a range of activities to take part within the process including site criticality assessments and quality improvement studies on existing plants.

“We want to better understand how our services are being used throughout our region and create master plans to ensure we deliver the required resources and infrastructure to cater to the region’s continued growth.

“The master planning will look at how we can continue to maintain high levels of service for our community and enable growth as our population increases.”

Cr Bartels said in the 2023-24 budget Council had also made a commitment to plan and design an upgrade of the Millbank Wastewater Treatment Plant inlet works.

“The Millbank Wastewater Treatment Plant was first constructed in the mid-1960s and the inlet works were part of the original construction.

“They have now reached the end of their useful life so Council’s water and wastewater team will work on planning and designing its upgrade.

“Upgrading the Millbank facility will ensure we continue to meet the current and future needs of this area while providing sustainable and cost-effective services.”

Work will also continue on the coastal sewerage diversion project which will support growth in the region’s coastal areas.

“We’re continuing to progress this important project which will help Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant to realise its potential.”

He said strategic investments in infrastructure in recent times had placed Council in a positive position as master planning progressed.

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