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Jay creates Something Kind of Wonderful

Jay art
Artist Jay Feather has created an immersive mural installation at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery allowing visitors to step straight into summer.

Visitors to the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery are invited to step into a world of whimsy with artist Jay Feather’s latest exhibition Something Kind of Wonderful opening this weekend.   

Following the success of her large-scale mural for the Bloom exhibition last year, Jay has transformed The Vault into a summer playground infused with her trademark mix of colour and expression.

“It’s definitely Bundaberg inspired, particularly the ocean which is my love,” Jay explained.

“We went down to Mon Repos before I came here which is one of my favourite spots and collected shells and different shapes so that's sort of inspired this space as well.

“Obviously this mural is a little bit more abstract than the one I did for Bloom which is good.

“It's a different space so will have a different feel.”

Since moving with her family to Brisbane earlier this year, Jay’s art career has continued to flourish with her most recent exhibition at Revival Art and Design Gallery and inclusion at the Stradbroke Island Arts Trail in August.

Despite this continued success, Jay said it was important to her to keep bringing her art back to Bundaberg.

“I’ve spent a fair bit of my life in Bundaberg area, it’s basically my hometown and my mum lives here so I’ll always have a connection,” Jay said of the Vault, remembering how she created her first installation there when she was just sixteen.

“Particularly this space, as many moons ago when I was sixteen I created an installation in The Vault.

“So it’s important to me to have another installation which is painting-based this time.

“It’s really lovely to be back and do something again.”

Jay art
Jay Feather in the process of transforming The Vault into one of her bespoke art pieces.

Jay’s intuitive process of creating means that her work feels like the viewer is immersing themselves straight into her imagination.

“I never plan, it’s just is a feeling and then the marks tell the story and make the plan,” she explained.

“I wanted to create a warm feeling of space so people can linger a bit longer.

“I want people to stay and relax and feel like it’s summer in here.”

Something Kind of Wonderful runs from 8 July to 27 August with the opening event on Friday 7 July and artist talk with Jay Feather on 8 July.

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Opening event for Jay's art

Something Kind of Wonderful, Pub Rock and Trying to Enjoy the Fruits of My Labour

Where: Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

When: Friday 7 July, 5.30 pm

Cost: Free event, no bookings required

Artist Talk: Jay Feather

Where: Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

When: Saturday 8 July, 10 am

Cost: Free event, no bookings required

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