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SES better equipped thanks to Council support

SES support
Bundaberg Regional Council recently provided the Bundaberg SES Unit with 25 computers to enable the SES to better respond to disasters and emergencies. Photo: Bundaberg SES Acting-Deputy Local Controller Annette Farrar and Local Disaster Management Group Chair Mayor Jack Dempsey Jack Dempsey.

The local Bundaberg Regional SES Unit has had another reason to celebrate this year's SES Week thanks to an equipment upgrade from Bundaberg Regional Council.

SES volunteers respond to a range of disasters and emergencies including floods, storms, searches, road crash rescues and more.

The vital support provided to the community in times of need is priceless.

Recently Bundaberg Regional Council returned the favour and provided the local organisation with 25 computers to enable the SES to better respond to disasters and emergencies.

Local Disaster Management Group Chair Mayor Jack Dempsey said after recent meetings between the Local Disaster Management Group and the SES it was decided to upgrade the SES devices to more current machines as existing devices reached end of life.

“We all know how important the SES is within the community,” he said.

“The dedicated volunteers are there in times of need and having reliable tools and equipment is essential.

“The IT equipment the local SES had was reaching its end of life, so providing the groups with new devices will benefit the whole community in times of need.”

Bundaberg SES Acting-Deputy Local Controller Annette Farrar said the group was grateful for Council’s contribution which would enable them to provide essential training to members and essential services to the community.

“Council has provided us with four laptops and 21 desktop computers across the whole Local Government Area,” Annette said.

“The desktops will be used for group leaders and deputy group leaders to help them with administrative tasks.

“Laptops are utilised when we set up our emergency operation centre, so when we have a bigger emergency event we can set those extra IT resources and have people in the office entering all the information needed to help.

“These laptops will be used right across the Bundaberg Region, from Gin Gin, Bundaberg to Elliott Heads, so people will benefit right across the entire area.”

Annette said storm season was only weeks away and now was a good time to step up and show an interest in volunteering in the organisation.

“Currently we have about 120 volunteers, but quite often they are working and have other commitments so we are always trying to recruit and build up our numbers so we have that support for our community in the times of need,” she said.

“We accept members from 16 years of age, with parental permission, to start skilling up until they are 18.

“Storm season generally runs from October to April and at the moment there is a lot of activity around fire.

“While we don’t actively help on the fire ground we do get called in for support around traffic control and air base.

“Now we are busy preparing and training our members for the upcoming storm season so they are well prepared for anything that does come up.

“We also have a training weekend for our new recruits coming up at the end of September.

“Our new recruits do a lot of training online so we can utilise these new laptops to support our new members during their probationary training as well.

“I would really like to thank Bundaberg Regional Council for the support, we have a really good working relationship with Council and we couldn’t achieve what we do within the community without this support.”

SES Week runs until September 17 and is a chance for the community to say “thank you” for the hard work and commitment the volunteers provide in the community.

To find out more about the SES click here.

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