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CoralWatch Youth Ambassador
The very first CoralWatch Youth Ambassador workshop will be held in the Bundaberg Region in December

Home to an array of corals and the first youth ambassador Elijah Richardson, the Bundaberg Region will host the inaugural CoralWatch Youth Ambassador workshop.

Applications are now open to take part in the youth ambassador program, open to 8-to-14-year-olds within 200 km of the Bundaberg Region who can apply along with a passionate adult or guardian.

The applications are open until 1 November with CoralWatch’s first ever workshop specifically for youth ambassadors to be hosted from 11 – 14 December.

CoralWatch project manager and workshop coordinator Diana Kleine participants would become part of a citizen science community that cared for corals and reef conservation.

“CoralWatch Ambassadors engage in wide ranging activities, from community outreach and education to providing ideas and solutions to save reefs from home by reducing carbon emissions to friends, family, and others,” Diana said.

“After Elijah Richardson became our first youth ambassador in 2022, more young people applied to the program.

“Elijah’s dedication and passion have inspired CoralWatch to provide more opportunities for young people to get involved and our first ever CoralWatch Youth Ambassador workshop will be conducted in Elijah’s hometown.”

She said, during the four-day workshop youth ambassador applicants and their guardians would learn about CoralWatch, coral biology, sustainability, citizen science, the Great Barrier Reef and local reefs at the Coral Coast.

“[Workshop activities will include] hands-on engaging activities include games, virtual reality, coral monitoring, art activities, roleplay, and filming.

“On a daytrip to Lady Musgrave Island, you will become a citizen scientist and learn to collect data using the Coral Health Chart checking the colour of the reef as an indicator of health.”

Diana said the workshop would equip the youth to join the approximately 80 ambassadors already enlisted.

“You will learn about the marine world and discover how we can make a positive impact in the Bundaberg Region protecting the beautiful corals at the Coral Coast together with other people who share your passion for the ocean.

“As trained ambassadors, participants will receive ongoing mentoring from CoralWatch to organise an educational or outreach activity in their community.”

Diana said it was important to note that the participating adult required to sign up alongside youth ambassador candidates were not just supervisors, but part of the fun and required to join in on the experience.

Bundaberg Regional Council has supported the delivery of the CoralWatch Youth Ambassador program in the Bundaberg Region.

According to Diana, corals could be found on the Bundaberg Region’s doorstep in local rockpools and at the beautiful islands of Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliot.

“Coral Reefs provide habitats, shelter for many marine organisms, support local economies, and provide employment in tourism and fishing industries.

“CoralWatch produced a Corals at Your Doorstep education package in 2021 to raise awareness about local reefs at the Coral Coast.

“All materials can be found online at https://coralwatch.org/ambassadors/coral-coast/.”

Find out more about being a CoralWatch Youth Ambassador

  • Application form can be downloaded from: https://coralwatch.org
  • More questions? Contact Diana Kleine at info@coralwatch.org or 0402 385 391

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