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On the greens: latest bowls results

social bowls results
Find out all the news and results from the region's social bowls clubs.

On the greens: Check out the latest bowls results and news from on the greens of clubs right around the Bundaberg Region.

Bundaberg Bowls

Tuesday 17 October Winners: G.Pinkstone, G.Mallett. Runners Up: D.Petersen, P.Caesar, A.Jones.Sports Person:L.Morey, G.Stewart. 
Thursday 19 October Winners: T.Salau, J.Moore, S.Warren, S.Sparke.  Runners Up: L.Morey, P.Caesar, C.Morey. Sports Persons: R.Nikora, A Buxton 
Saturday 21 Winners: H Mosley F.Dewhurst, A.Edergton. Sports Persons: J.Moore, R.Death.
Selectors: Tuesday 24.J.Clough, K.Mitchell. Thursday 26th. R.Ribbans, S.Ribbans..  Saturday. 28th. G.Stewart.
Results of Competition: Ladies Graded Fours  S Sparke S Warren J Moore T Salau. def. J Jones B Elworthy J Reed S bury.

Competition Call: 
Tuesday 24 October, Mixed Pairs: M Nicol M Stumbles  V A Salau T Salau.
Tuesday 24 October, Consistency Singles: S Sparke v  C Marcinkus. K Itzstein v G Job. Markers Joan Jones J Nikora.
Saturday 28: B Fryer P Caesar H.Schmidt, L Scougall  Vers. M Nicol R chambers J Clough T Salau.
Thursday 2 November: Ladies Graded Fours Final S Sparke S Warren J Moore T Salau v. J Caesar J Nikora D Francis M Nicol
Thursday 9 November Ladies Triples: S Bury J Reed M Nicol V D Howden, L A Austin, L Scougall. H.McKinnon, K.Evans, J.Jones, v J.Caesar, S.Hucker, H.Schmidt. 
Saturday 11 Mixed Pairs.S Sparke G Purches V Winner from 24th.

Coming Events

Monday 2 Cards Afternoon.
Tuesday 24 Social bowls & Comp.

Thursday 26 Sponsored Day by Price Concreting $600.

Saturday 28 Social bowls & Comp.

Tuesday 31 Sponsored day Aim Hearing $600

Thursday 2 November Social bowls & Comp

Saturday 4 November   Social bowls & Comp

Tuesday 7 November Melbourne Cup Day: Bowls- 9.30 am start, $510 sponsored by Andy's Fish & Chip Cafe. Lunch– orders from Andy's Fish & Chip Cafe. 2 pm watch the Race and sweeps.

Bowls Burnett Men


Tuesday Winners: J Barry, R Swallow, D Green. 1st RU: K Melham, P Leahy, Speedy Stevens.2nd RU: G Ferguson, Arthur, P Stokes. 1st Sportspeople: B Hannah, I Grills, D Carson.

Thursday Night Barefoot Bowls Winners: Ann, Mal, .RU: Josh, Tim Sportspeople: Kingsley, Ian.

Normal Thursday night bowls will continue next week with the ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot starting at $55 +

Friday Social: Winners: G Mizzi, J Martin.: Sportspeople: B Osborne, J Franks

Jackpot next week $270

Saturday Social: Winners W Rozynski, G Ferguson.

Championship entrants please note your match must be played ASAP before end of November, or when called Play, Sub or Forfeit.

Visitors are most welcome on all playing days. Entry sheets are at the club or phone the Club on 41514217 during opening hours. If you cannot get through to the club number regarding bowls, then phone 0401341378 or 0466539441.

Tuesday 24 Oct: $300 Open Triples Men’s, Ladies, Mixed. Names in by 12 pm, green fees paid by 12.45pm for a 1 pm start.

Wednesday: ‘Scroungers’ Singles – this is a fun game of Singles similar to consistency singles where points are allocated to the 4 closest bowls to the jack. Games are played over 12 ends with no driving allowed. Names in by 6.15 pm with games starting at 6.30 pm. Green fees are $10 with 50 percent of the green fees being returned as prize money. All ability levels are welcome so come along for a fun night out.

Thursday: ‘Social Thursday’ Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed). Names in by 2.15 pm as games will commence at 2.30pm. Play till 4.30pm with 2 random lucky draws as prizes.

Thursday: Night Bowls – bowls start at 6.30 pm, names in by 6pm. Bowl under lights and enjoy a fun filled night with a chance at the ‘Pick the Joker’ Jackpot which will be $38+ this week. Visitors and those that want to try bowls for the first time will be made to feel very welcome.

Friday: Open Pairs – Men’s, Ladies, Mixed. Names in by 12 pm, green fees paid by 12.45 pm for a 1 pm start. The Friday Jackpot will be $90.

Saturday: Social play – Open Pairs (Men’s, Ladies, Juniors, Mixed). Names in by 12 pm, green fees paid by 12.45 pm for a 1 pm start.

Coming Events

Tuesday Oct 17 $300 Open Triples

Club opening hours are – Monday (Club closed), Tuesday 10 am – 5.30 pm, Wednesday 11 am – 9 pm, Thursday 2 pm – 9 pm, Friday 10 am – 9 pm, Saturday 10 am – 9 pm (10 pm for Functions) Sunday Bowls Days 9 am – 2 pm.

The Goose Club raffle will be drawn on Friday night at 7 pm. The Member’s Draw was not won last week and will now be $150, so come along, have a meal and a few drinks with the chance to win some great cash and prizes.

Live entertainment for this Friday night will be by “KEELY ELLEN” and the following Friday, live music will be delivered by “THE OTHER BLOKE” Members, Guests, and Visitors are always welcome.

Members draw this week: $450

Bargara Bowls

Monday 16 October – Turkey Pairs – Winners K. & K. Cook; runners up J. & V. Reitenstein. Winners of 1st Game R. Murdaca & G. Hutchinson; runners up H. Stewart & C. Gallagher. Winners of 2nd Game B. O’Neill & D. Franklin; runners up B. Munis & D. Handley. Encouragement Awards W. Collins & P. Andrew; C. Bridges & A. Salmon.

Tuesday 17 October – Ladies Social Bowls Winners S. Stewart & M. Schluter; runners up J. Waugh & M. McLaren. Sportsman’s P. Loveday & V. Kohn; J. Nowell, D. Franklin, J. Cannon & J. Hearn. Congratulations to the Bargara Ladies winners of the District Trophy Shield at Burnett.

Wednesday 18 October – Turkey Pairs – Winners B. Payne & P. Kucharski; runners up D. Brady & B. O’Neill. Winners of 1st Game J. Barnes & J. Fehlberg; Winners of 2nd Game B. Watt & J. Grills. Encouragement Award M. & R Jensen.

Thursday 19 October – Men’s Triples – Winners N. Shaw, A. Johnson & J. Barnes; B. Payne, L. McCarthy & J. Mathews; T. Fauser & P. Cox; Sportsman’s G. McCormick, R. Murdaca & C. Hippisley; M. & R. Jensen & W. Baxter; S. Larsen, W. Heath & N. McNamara. Lucky Draw P. Barker, K. Hiley & P Farrell.

Competition Mixed Pairs, Round 3. T. Heath & M. Troughton d A. Salmon & N. Cullen; V. Sauer & J. Nowell d F. Clarke & W. Barnett; A. & L. Adam d J. Lim & B. Dilg; S. Burgess & D. Mullens d K. Gallagher & G. Cahill.

Saturday 21 October – Jack Attack Winners S. Dawson & W. Fitzgerald; Runners up L. Dunn & C. McNeilly; Sportsman’s A. & J. Jones.

Coming Events

Monday Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs. Two games of 11 ends. 12.30 pm Start.

Tuesday –  Ladies Social Bowls 12.30 pm Start.

Wednesday  – Turkey Pairs – Open (Ladies, Men or Mixed) Pairs 1 pm Start.

Thursday – Men’s Veteran’s Pairs Round 1. Men’s Pairs/Triples 1 pm Start.

Saturday –  To be advised. Jack Attack Open Pairs 4 games of 5 ends. 1.30 pm Start.

Sunday – Super Sunday Triples – 3 games of 7 ends, Players Change playing position after each game. 1 pm Start.

Woodgate Bowls

Tuesday 17 October:

Ladies Day:

Woodgate President’s Day saw our President Suzanne Weir welcome teams of bowlers from all over the district to our club for an afternoon of fun and fellowship.

Great friendly rivalry on the green followed by a lovely afternoon tea with lots of prizes to be won!

Raffles, lucky door and a $100 board as well as a spider and rink draws, what’s not to like?

Winning President: BDBA President Maxine Stauffer.

Winning Rink Rink 15: Easts Ros Berry, Cele McLellan, Coral Machanics, Jan Roberts.

Runners Up Rink 12: Jenny Knight, Trish Jensen, Lorelle Mattson, Gloria Newby.

Lucky losing Skip: Shirley Pennington (Brothers)

Lucky losing third: Helen Foster (BDBA)

Lucky losing second: Noelene Lincoln (Brothers)

Lucky losing lead: Jan (Moore Park)

Wednesday 18 October:

Mens Day:

Today we had the usual paddle pop draw triples with a game of pairs to even out the numbers.

We also had a game in the Mens B Singles between Trevor Christensen and John Robinson.

Christo put the first points on the card going out to a 5/- lead on end 3, however as  so often happens in bowls he stalled there while Robbo caught up and took the lead on end 6, 6/5.

It was then Robbo’s turn to get stuck on 6 for 4 ends while Christo went out to a 9/6 lead on end 9, then again on 8 until end 13 when the score sat at 13/8 to Christo.

The game see sawed until end 21 when Christo went to sleep on 22/14 and there he stayed until end 25 when a two saw him reach that dreadful number 24!

Two one point ends by Robbo saw the score sit on a tense 24/22 before Christo scored a 1 on end 27 to take the match 25/22.

A game worthy of being a final with some amazing bowls played by both men.

Special thanks to Rob Anderson who filled the duel roles of marker and Umpire for the day.

Winning Rink Draw Rink 7 Pairs Game: Robbie Royan, Ross Weir

Runners Up Rink 2: Wayne Stanley, Gerry Turner, Greg Madsen

Encouragement Rink 4: Garry Willoughby, Gordon Ibbotson, George Weir

Our Ladies sent a representative team to play in the district Trophy Shield competition in Bundaberg.

The concept of the day was a team of fours, a team of pairs and a singles player.

The first round was against Bundaberg playing at Burnett in a roaring wind with a short sharp shower thrown in for good measure.

Woodgate emerged victorious with a fabulous win by singles player Meredith Taylor, a win in the fours, Jane Herd-Evans, Linda Hannah, Fiona Dowling and Donna Smith, and a slender loss by the last bowl rolled to pairs players Lesley Christensen and Gail Lenz.

The afternoon’s competition saw the bruised and battered Woodgate girls front up against a fresh Burnett (having had a by in the first round) team on the back green where the wind was even stronger and more gusty than in the morning!

No hats stayed on around there let me assure you!

Meredith again showed what a true champion she is with a very hard fought win in the singles, but unfortunately the other two teams did not get the same result.

Thursday 19 October:

Billy’s Day:

Today we had our usual Jackpot triples with a couple of competition games to enjoy.

Garry Willoughby played Paul Rogerson in a B singles game with Garry coming away with the win. Thanks to Ken Geaney for marking.

Team Byrnes played Team Bishop in the mixed fours with Team Byrnes taking the win.

Winning Rink Draw Rink 7: Dennis Smith, Rob Anderson, Dan Colsin

Runners Up Rink 13 Competition game: Garry Willoughby, Ken Geaney

Encouragement Rink 16: Nerelle Anderson, Mitch, John Caton

Friday 20 October:

Yes I know we don’t normally have bowls on a Friday but today was a special occasion!

With the huge Mens Fours Carnival on this weekend, today was a chance for visitors to have a roll on our greens which I’m told are running to perfection thanks to Aaron our Greenkeeper.

Self select pairs was the format for the afternoon and was extremely well supported.

Thanks to all who organised and turned out for an enjoyable afternoon!

Winning Rink draw Rink 14: Snen, J. New

Runners Up Rink 3: G. Graham, W. Alexander

2nd. Runners Up Rink 10: T. Healy, A.  Murtaga

3rd Runners Up Rink 15: J. Lonie, A. Lonie

Encouragement Rink 11: R. Scott, P. Newman

2nd. Encouragement Rink 1: Christo, Dave Mollison

Sunday 22 October:

Great bowls, great competition and even better for the winners….great prize money!

Woodgate Bowls Club and Woodgate Club Inc. did themselves proud with the organising and executing of this weekend carnival!

Congratulations to all the winners and to all who didn’t win, I know you all had a fabulous weekend of bowls, fun and friendship anyway!

Thanks to all who helped out, special thanks to Rob Anderson and Paul Rogerson who were our Umpires for the weekend. Special mention to Aaron our green keeper who had the greens running to perfection, well done Arron!

Round one winners: Team John Newell: L. J. Wood, 2. Dan Cousins, 3. John Caton, S. John Newell

Round two winners: Team Baker: L. Archie Ross, 2. Trent Healey, 3. Alex Murtagh, S. Sean Baker

Round three Winners: Team Cashill: L. Glen Ballinger, 2. Ted Grieve, 3. Gus Templeton, S. Shane Cashill

Round four Winners: Team Barnett: L. Greg Gallanger, 2. Liam Kronk, 3. Ken Mayes, S. Wayne Barnett

Round five Winners: Team Petsky: L. Brett Cameron, 2. Richard Lowson, 3. Peter Deutschmann, S. Steve Petsky

Place getters for the competition:

8th Place: Team Smalley: L. Darren McCracken, 2. John Martin, 3. Tony Townson, S. Trent Smalley

7th Place: Team Schofield: L. Mark Wilson, 2. David Peel, 3. Stephen Costabeber, S. David Schofield

6th Place: Team Sangster: L. Pat Walsh, 2. Unannounced, 3. Tim Sangster, S. Ian Sangster

5th Place: Team Hill: L. Ken Zipf, 2. Chris Treacey, 3. Wayne Mitchell, S. Bruce Hill

4th Place: Team Moore: L. L. Moore, 2. M. Howlett, 3. J. Wood, S. Jason Moore

Third Place: Team Farquhar: L. Shane Cummins, 2. Tony Leggio, 3. Mark Torrens, S. Russell Farquhar

Second Place: Team McMah: L. Elio Marcon, 2.  Eli Hall, 3. Mick Tobin, S. Ian McMah

First place: Team Hewson: L. Paul Kajewski, 2. Mark Ram, 3. Tim Smith, S. Aaron Hewson

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