Sunflowers planted at Robertson Flower Farm

Sunflowers at Robertson Flowers on Bargara Road.
Sunflowers at Robertson Flower Farm on Bargara Road. Source: Facebook

The sunflowers have been planted at Robertson Flower Farm on Bargara Road and picking will begin in a few weeks.

Adam and Trish Robertson have been growing flowers in the Bundaberg Region since 2001.

They grow lilies, gladiola and celosia in addition to sunflowers. 

Adam and Trish Robertson flowers
Adam and Trish Robertson.

“Sunnies are the fastest growing crop. Once planted it takes from six to eight weeks till they are ready to be picked and sent to flower markets,” they say.

“We will start picking in three weeks.

“It's the start of our season which runs to November and most of the bunches go to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but they're also available locally every Friday at the farm on Bargara Road.

“Because of their bright yellow colour, sunflowers are the happiest of the flowers. Facing the sunrise, they symbolise loyalty and longevity.”

And we’re rolling ???????? First sunflowers got planted this week so in 6 weeks time, we’ll see some happy faces ????Very exciting!.#flowerfarm #sunflowers #flowers #localproduce #bundaberg #florist #farm

Posted by Robertson Flower Farm on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Robertson Flower Farm opens to the public every Friday morning at 8.30am. Choose a fresh ready-made bouquet or have one made in just a few minutes.

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