Coffee brand always bean a dream for Nana’s Pantry

Leisa and Darryl Storey with their new coffee brand Nana's House Blend Coffee.
Leisa and Darryl Storey with their new coffee brand Nana's House Blend Coffee.

They're one of the biggest providers of coffee beans in the region and this week Nana's Pantry introduced a smooth house blend to the store on Electra Street.

The team, together with Aromas Roasters, have created the premium Nana's House Blend Coffee.

Owners Darryl and Leisa Storey said it had always been a dream to create their own premium coffee blend and the beans were so far proving to be a popular choice among caffeine lovers.

“Nana's new Espresso House Blend Coffee is a combination of Colombian Excelso and Sumatran Mandheling single origin beans creating a balanced and polished coffee with a rich, full-bodied flavour,” Darryl said.

Nana's House Blend Coffee.
Nana's House Blend Coffee.

“It's a very smooth coffee with great taste at the end.”

Darryl said the premium house blend came to fruition following a positive relationship with Aromas Roaster, a Brisbane-based company specialising in small batch roasting of specialty-grade coffee beans since 1982.

“We have had a great relationship with Aromas over the last few years so they were the perfect company to approach to help us create our own product,” he said.

“We wanted to get the Nana's name out there more and give our customers another fantastic coffee option.”

Beans, glorious beans, at Nana's Pantry

The house blend is not the only coffee bean that Nana's sell, with the small business providing up to 21 different types to their customers.

“There is a really good choice,” Darryl said.

“We can grind the coffee beans here to each customers liking and they can buy a small batch at first to try until hey find the flavour of their liking.

“We find that our 1kg bags are the most popular purchase.”

House blend a success

Darryl said the new house blend, as well as the original Aroma's Chicago Dark Roast, was sold at the store in bean form and as dine-in or takeaway coffee options.

“We have always sold the Chicago Dark blend and we are now giving customers a second option with our house blend,” he said.

“They are both different in flavour but equally as nice, depending on how you like your coffee.”

Bundaberg loves a good brew

Hannah Jackson prepares an Affagato at Nana’s Pantry.
Hannah Jackson prepares an Affagato at Nana’s Pantry.

Darryl said coffee was a huge seller at Nana's Pantry, with the business selling over 400kg of beans per month.

“It is incredible,” he said.

“Bundaberg people really love their coffee and so do we!”

Head in to Nana's Pantry this week to score a deal when trying the new Nana's House Blend Coffee.

To launch the new coffee, Nana's is selling 1kg of house bend for $22.95.

Nana's Pantry also features on the #lovebundy app with a range of specials.

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