Rusty the swamp wallaby loves his corn treats


Corn is a preferred snack for Bundaberg Regional Council's swamp wallaby, who was filmed by zookeepers recently chomping into his delicious treat.

Licking his corn like an icy pole, the footage shows Rusty the Swamp Wallaby enjoying his afternoon snack, showing off his impressive claws and pretty yellow cheek stripe.

According to Alexandra Park Zoo curator Dave Flack, Rusty has called the zoo home since 2013.

“He is nine years old and is a very friendly little guy,” Dave said.

“Each day, Rusty is fed a great mix of vegetables including carrots and sweet potato.

“As a treat, he loves to chow down on some corn or an apple or two.”

Swamp wallaby facts

Swamp wallabies like Rusty are a small macropod marsupial found in eastern Australia.

“They have dark brown fur, often with lighter rusty patches on the belly, chest and base of the ears – hence Rusty’s name,” Dave said.

“They are herbivorous, most wallabies just eat grass but the swamp wallaby also eats shrubs and ferns.”

Dave said swamp wallabies were quite different to regular wallabies.

“Their teeth differ from other wallabies as they have a broad fourth premolar which is never shed and is specifically used for cutting coarse plant material,” he said.

“Their forelimbs are significantly smaller than the hind limbs, they have five digits with claws used to manipulate their food, grasp and pull down branches, fight and groom.”

You can visit Rusty seven days a week from 8.30 am to 4.45 pm at Alexandra Park Zoo on Quay Street.