Ettie and Dorrie tea inspired by bygone era

Ettie and Dorrie tea
With a passion for a good cup of tea mother-of-two Sara Pardon has created four tea blends for her new business Ettie and Dorrie.

Inspired by the bygone era Sara Pardon has created her own tea business Ettie and Dorrie, named after people dear to her heart.

Growing up in the Bundaberg Region Sara she was influenced by two special ladies, Ettie and Dorrie, in her early life and she has now honoured their memory with her new tea business.

Sara said when she decided to start her own tea company it was to remind people how to slow down, breathe and take in the moment.

“I loved the idea of using their names for my business, they immediately draw your mind back to a bygone era when taking time to enjoy your tea was something everyone did,” Sara said.  

“Ettie is my great-grandmother, she was an incredible woman who lived through two world wars and raised her children during the depression.

“She ran her own business, was an amazing cook and worked the farm as well.

“I feel like there was nothing she couldn't do, and I admire that. And of course, she loved her cup of tea!”

Sara said the other part of Ettie and Dorrie was Dorrie, a dear old friend of her parents, who was like a surrogate grandmother to her when she was a child.

“She (Dorrie) taught me a lot about manners, how to treat your visitors, how to be a good guest and the importance of shared conversations over a cup of tea,” Sara said.

Now decades later and close to 40 years old, the cherished memories of Ettie and Dorrie flood back to with every sip of tea she takes.

Tea becomes a necessity for Sara

Sara said she didn’t start drinking tea until she was in her early 20s after it became necessity, and she needed something other than hot chocolate to keep her warm for the two years she spent living in Melbourne.

“I originally took tea with milk and two sugars but soon discovered different flavours, herbal and green teas, and even after leaving Victoria the art of a good cup of tea stayed with me,” she said.

“Having a steaming pot of tea on the table and delicious treats is now a ritual with my family and friends.

“I think it's nice to have a drink that can be shared with other people at any time of the day and not have side effects like other drinks have.

“It's a great way to welcome guests into your home and enjoy time with friends and family.

“I think with the right cup of tea and company, you can conquer just about anything!”

Sara said there were a variety of teas on the market which varied in flavour and strength, and when it comes to enjoying a cup of tea it depended on the type as to how it was best served.

“I normally take it black but if it is a strong blend or I need a big cup of comfort I'll add milk,” she said.

“I usually drink a herbal blend first thing and then black tea later in the day.

“I try and make my ‘cup of tea time' a small ritual, even if it is just sitting out on the veranda taking in the sights and sounds of nature before I start my day or enjoying the moment of a shared afternoon tea with my family and hearing what everyone did that day.” 

Ettie and Dorrie tea
Ettie and Dorrie tea is currently available in four blends and owner Sara Pardon plans to release a fifth by the end of the March.

Sara believes over time, tea has always had a place, sometimes on its own or alongside coffee, and she has found that there are more people now who were finding caffeine upsets their bodies, so they have turned to tea and tisanes.  

She spent most of her childhood in the Bundaberg Region after her parents moved to the area when she was in primary school and attended Kepnock High School.  

“I think they wanted to move us out of the city and give us a taste of rural life,” Sara said.

“We loved it and spent our days at the beach.

“Since then my husband, two kids and I have lived in various states of Australia, and we decided to call the Bundaberg Region home again a few years ago.

“The pristine sandy white beaches and ideal weather plus the promise of life closer to our extended families drew us back here.”

Where to find Ette and Dorrie tea

The Ettie and Dorrie tea range includes four teas:

  • Madi – The Honest Blend – a malty blend of black tea leaves
  • Annie – The Spring Blend – a black tea with floral notes and flavoured coffee beans
  • Rach – The Spice Blend – a caffeine free chocolate chai mix
  • Megan – The Calm Blend – a minty lemon tisane 

“I have a new blend releasing at the end of the month – I'm excited to say it will contain some locally grown produce that I sourced from some great companies in our region,” Sara said.  

“Ettie and Dorrie is now in three places in Bundaberg; it is served and sold at HSG at the Gardens, Earth Circle Studios and Gallery at Bargara, and is also available in Cafe Series jars for purchase at Splitters Creek Farm.”

Ettie and Dorrie available at Bloom

Sara said her tea will be part of the up-coming Bloom event that will be held at HSG at the Gardens on 22 March.

“Bloom is a wonderful women's mini retreat that is a collaboration between Happy Body Coaching, HB Tai Chi, HSG at the Gardens and Ettie and Dorrie,” Sara said.

“It has been created to focus on providing easy self-care practices that are designed to relax and restore and includes practical tools that can easily be taken away and used at home.

“My part is going to be focusing on how you can bring tea into your daily life and create a ritual to encourage you to slow down and take in the moment.”

For tickets or more information about Bloom phone Jazz on 0438 064 388.