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Bob and Bazza best of friends at Snakes Downunder

Bob and Bazza
Bazza and Bob have an unlikely friendship at Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo.

Bob the green tree python and Bazza the green tree frog may seem like an unlikely pair in the wild, but at Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo they have a strong friendship that has lasted years.

The duo love nothing more than spending time together in their enclosure and are often seen cosying up, side by side.

Head reptile keeper Julianne Nugent said while the relationship may seem a little bit funny to some, the pair were actually not a threat to one another.

“It would be unusual for them to be found together in the wild but these species are often exhibited together as frogs aren't on the menu to green tree pythons,” she said.

The frog and snake pair have called Snakes Downunder their home for many years.

“Bob was a one-year-old python when he came to us just over 12 years ago,” he said.

“Bazza, the green tree frog, was bred here in a large walk-through vivarium.

“We never saw eggs or tadpoles, just some youngsters eventually who must have been at least two years old, so we think he is about seven.”

While the pair seem happy chilling out together, Julianne said they both had vastly different personalities.

“Bob is shy and retiring, Bazza is quite gregarious,” she said.

“Bob is fussy and will only eat small rats and Bazza will try and eat anything you put infront of him including mobile phones.

“They both could live to over 30.”

Julianne said the pair were so close, they were often found cuddling up next to each other in their enclosure.

“They seem to get on well together,” she said.

“Bazza is often in the position shown in the photograph.”

To find out more about Bazza and Bob and the other animals at Snakes Dowunder, head to the Facebook page here.

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