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Amandine Lavender scents success

Amandine Lavender
Lavender seedlings are getting ready to be planted at Amandine Lavender now that the weather is cooling down.

More than 800 lavender plant seedlings are growing bigger each day in the greenhouse at Amandine Lavender, ready for planting during the cooler weather.

The business, situated on 288 Seaview Road in Bargara, is a small, family-owned and operated venture part of a third generation sugarcane farms.

In 2008, Amandine Lavender was established to introduce an alternative industry to the existing sugarcane farm at Bargara.

The gift shop and farm predominantly grows Lavandula Dentata but a range of other lavender varieties are sprinkled throughout the country garden.

Business owner Helen Griffin said she had plenty of plans in place for her business over the next few months, including replanting, new products and website upgrades.

“We are planning on developing more fragrances in our closet bars and developing a few more lavender products,” she said.

“We are also looking forward to replanting some of our fields.

“We have a greenhouse full of babies, probably about 800 plants over there ready to be planted as soon as the weather cools down.

“Also our online store is being developed further, so there is lots happening in the next few months.”

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At Amandine Lavender locals and tourists alike can enjoy a self-guided journey wandering the lavender patch and enjoying the features of the country garden.

The Amandine Lavender Gift Shop offers a collection of lavender products to calm, relax, and fragrance your home.

“We specialise in home fragrance which is what our lavender is very good for,” Helen said.

“We grow Lavandula Dentata which is great in items like out closet bars and home fragrance.

“We also do things like eye pillows, sleep pillows, diffusers, room sprays and other items for calming, relaxing and sleeping.”

Helen said her products were lovingly created in store and with the help from other local businesses throughout the region.

“We make a certain amount of product here ourselves and we also source other people that have particular talents in the region and they supply us with products we have designed,” she said.

“Aromatica makes a range of products for us, Jake's Candy do our lavender chocolate and Nana's Pantry do our lavender gelato which proves to be very popular.”

Having spent plenty of time Bundaberg cane farms, Helen said her family loved the rural lifestyle and the business they were able to provide to the community.

“Every member of the family has a role to pay whether it be restocking, sourcing lavender items, helping with products,” she said.

“In all the years I have been in my shop I feel as though I have never worked a day in my life.

“I am very fortunate to do the job that I do.”

Amandine Lavender
Helen Griffin in the Amandine Lavender gift shop.