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Council workers save plover chick

An Avoca resident has thanked Bundaberg Regional Council workers who saved a plover chick from a drainage pit.

Roads and drainage crew members were called after resident Marian Sbresni reported a baby bird was in distress on the corner of Carrara Court and Robina Drive.

“We noticed it around 6am this morning,” Marian said.

“The birds were standing by the drain and when they didn’t leave it was a good indication, especially as they had four babies with them for the last few weeks and we could count three.

“They can just be walking along and it’s wide enough for a bird to drop in.”

Council workers came to the rescue, with Allan Gibbs and Terry Hough removing the lid and reuniting the baby bird with its parents, who were watching and swooping close by.

While they’ve attended many unusual call-outs, Terry said this was a first.

“We attended to a bird in a catch pit, got the crane and lifting equipment to lift the top off of the catch pits,” he said.

“We get a few odd ones but it’s usually a set of keys that someone may have dropped down a catch pit, not birds.”

Working carefully, Allan and Terry removed the bird from the pit without any challenges.

“We got the lid off and my partner went down the pit and just put him in a rag and lifted him out carefully and he seems to be fine, which is really good result.”

Marian Sbresni said the plover family were usually quite docile and she was thankful that Council workers were able to reunite the family.

“I was so distraught when they pulled this little one up and it wasn’t looking so healthy, but now it’s as bright as a button and running around with its parents,” she said.

“They saved the day those boys.”

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