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Refill Not Landfill sets up shop at Stocklands

Refill not Landfill
To cut down plastic waste Beverley Whip's new venture Refill not Landfill allows residents to bring their own containers to purchase household and beauty products

It will soon be even easier to stock up on environmentally-friendly and sustainable bath and home products thanks to a location change for local business Refill not Landfill.

Owner Beverley Whip will still operate from her Artisans 4670 Bargara site on Hughes Road but will also set up a stall at Stockland Shopping Centre each Thursday from next week.

Refill Not Landfill allows residents to bring in containers to refill with common household and beauty products that are all Australian-made and contain no hidden ‘nasties'.

Beverley said the business was gaining in popularity and more people were wanting to get their hands on her all-natural products while out and about.

She said she decided on the temporary Stockland stall after receiving feedback from local customers about accessing a refill station closer to town.

“I have had a lot of people contact me to tell me that they would love the convenience of being able to refill my products on the way to do their grocery shopping,” she said.

“My stall will be situated out the front of Woolworths and people can drop in their refills to me on the way in and come and collect them after completing their shop.”

Beverley said her refill business was part of a vision she had years ago about reducing plastics within her own life.

“I started this idea when my son was born- I guess I really began thinking about how he was going to grow up in a world full of plastic,” she said.

“The refill products I sell are not just good for your skin and body, they are also great for the environment.”

Refill Not Landfill products full of goodness

Beverley said Refill Not Landfill featured a range of products including washing powders, washing liquid, disinfectant, multi-purpose cleaner, shampoo and conditioner and hand and body wash.

“I also have a beautiful face and body balm which is probably one of the most popular products – everyone is loving it,” she said.,

“All of my items are super concentrated- it means you are using less of it which is ultimately better for the environment.

“Each product is natural and has no parabens, no fillers, no toxins, no palm oil and are 100 per cent Australian made and we also have a range for sensitive skin, allergy suffers and newborns.”

Beverley said she also offered bulk product orders, with discounted prices to incentivise people to use less plastic.

“When you bulk buy household, hair and body products you are seriously reducing the amount of plastic you use,” she said.

“This is about reducing waste in a responsible way that helps to clean up our planet, our oceans and our landfills.”

Refill Not Landfill will be open each Thursday from 11 March outside of Woolworths at Stockland Shopping Centre from 9am to 6pm for one month.

Find out more about the business by checking out the Facebook page here.