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Turtle awareness campaign shares tips with tourists

Turtle Awareness campaign
A turtle awareness campaign has been launched to educate visitors on how to limit impacts on nesting and hatching turtles. Photo: Matt Raimondo & Bundaberg Tourism

Visitors to the Bundaberg Region can easily learn more about the impacts of lighting on local marine life with the launch of a Bundaberg Regional Council turtle awareness campaign.

The video shares with visitors the significance of the Bundaberg Region’s shoreline as a nesting location for rare or threatened turtle species.

“Loggerhead turtles are endangered, so each of these tiny hatchlings is precious,” the video explains.

“Just one in a thousand reach maturity and return to our beaches to nest.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey said he encouraged everyone to take on the messaging of the turtle awareness campaign and help to reduce the glow.

“Research tells us that turtles, including hatchlings, can become disorientated by bright lights,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Small and simple actions like turning out your lights or closing your curtains can make a big difference to the survival rate of the hatchlings.

“Council has been working to achieve internationally recognised sustainable destination status through Ecotourism Australia and this campaign is just one of the ways we are supporting local industry to achieve this goal.”

Elliott Heads Holiday Park has already signed up to display the video on a new screen soon to be installed.

Managers Jess and Ross Threadgate said many visitors to the coastal location during nesting season were interested in seeing and learning more about turtles.

“Most people these days are pretty aware of the environment and want to be eco-friendly and do everything they can,” Jess said.

“Most people coming through the door are asking about the local area and the environment already.

“We get a lot of families through so it opens up that discussion with the kids.”

With a number of low glow initiatives already in place throughout the park, including red lights around the office and camp kitchen, Jess said the turtle awareness campaign video would help guests to understand the importance of protecting turtles.

Turtle awareness campaign tips:

After 7.30 pm between October and April help reduce the glow affecting our beaches by:

  • Switching off unnecessary lights
  • Closing curtains or blinds
  • When driving, avoiding using high beam near beaches where possible
  • Only using a small torch on the beach at night

Local businesses keen to display the turtle awareness campaign video or provide visitors with turtle awareness campaign materials can lodge an expression of interest or, for more information, head to the project page or call Council on 1300 883 699.

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  1. So pleased to see that the Bundaberg Regional Council is promoting a turtle awareness project this turtle season.
    The ‘cut the glow’ message is just so important in ensuring the future for the endangered loggerhead turtles!!!….

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