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New additions to Alexandra Park Zoo in 2021

Alexandra Park Zoo animals
Elsey the white-throated snapping turtle, Penny the sulphar-crested cockatoo and some green tree frogs were all introduced to Alexandra Park Zoo in 2021.

There was plenty going on behind the gates of Alexandra Park Zoo in 2021, with enclosure upgrades and new animals introduced throughout the year.

Bundaberg Regional Council parks and gardens portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said staff had worked hard to revitalise some of the areas to help keep resident animals happy and healthy.

“There were some major upgrades including improvements to the emu and wallaby exhibit with new turf, landscaping and the removal of the old boardwalk,” he said.

“Staff also expanded the size of the monitor enclosure and our lovely white-throated snapping turtle Elsey was given an additional pond to enjoy.”

Cr Honor said Elsey was one of three new animals to be welcomed to Alexandra Park Zoo in 2021.

“Elsey came to the zoo in the middle of last year after she was found near Mary River, blind and injured after an unfortunate incident,” he said.

“After her injuries were tended to by Australia Zoo, she was then transported back to the region to live out the rest of her days peacefully at Alexandra Park.”

Cr Honor said Elsey was welcomed in 2021 along with six green tree frogs and Penny, the Sulphur-crested cockatoo.

“Penny was introduced to the zoo late last year after coming from Flying High Bird Park in Apple Tree Creek,” he said.

“She has been added to the zoo as a companion for her counterpart George to assist to promote positive welfare outcomes for him.

“Staff have said the friendship is going well so far and the two birds are becoming more and more sociable with each other every day.”

Alexandra Park Zoo is open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm every day until Tuesday, January 25.

After this time, the zoo will revert back to its normal open hours of Wednesday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. 

Find out more about the Alexandra Park Zoo animals here.

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