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Sicario’s Bakery opens at Kensington

sicario's bakery kensington
Joey Gall from Sicario's Bakery in Kensington.

Espresso Loca’s Taylor McMahon’s second venture, Sicario’s Bakery, opened its doors at Kensington Shopping Centre today offering a range of pies, sausage rolls and donuts.

Trading from Saturday 2 July the bakery will be open 6 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to noon each weekend.

Taylor McMahon said the team was excited to open and offer delicious treats, both sweet and savoury, to the community.

“We have the coffee shop on Quay Street which is going really well, we bought this place to introduce donuts and sweet treats as well,” Taylor said.

“It is a very different coffee to what we offer at Espresso Loca on Quay Street and pairs better with donuts and sweet treats.

“While Espresso Loca is all takeaway and was built to service people on the go, Sicario’s Bakery will be similar although we hope this will be a slightly slower-paced store for people to enjoy a donut or pie.”

“Down the track a little bit of seating will become available for people to utilise.”

Taylor said the location suited Sicario's Bakery perfectly.

“We had received feedback that there was not a massive market up this end of town for coffee, especially early in the morning so we are hoping to fill that gap,” he said.

“It was also a case of right place, right time.

“I think everyone is very excited for the donuts.”

Endup Cups, which is another venture of Taylors, will also be promoted through the bakery.

“Through Endup Cups we partner with Green Solutions Wide Bay to compost our specially made coffee cups in order to help the environment,” Taylor said.

“Espresso Loca was the flagship store to show people how Endup Cups can be used, not only in a cafe-style setting but also how customers can do their part in the recycling initiative through cup returns.

“Customers have the opportunity to take part in our recycling rewards program which gifts them 25 cents off their next coffee every time they bring their Endup Cup back to us to be composted.

“If you collect ten points in the program, that is $2.50 off your next order – there is no limit as to how many cups you can bring back.”

You can find out more about Sicario’s Bakery here.

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  1. Would have made more sense to open at the new Coles/Aldi in East Bundy or over North where there really is not many options. There’s actually a lot of places to have Coffee in the vicinity of Sugarland. Sugarland itsself has more coffee options then Hinkler Central. To be honest if you counted both Kensington & Avoca you’d get pretty close to what Central & South have combined.

  2. These doughnuts are the best and so are the staff

    I went in there yesterday with only cash ( my wallet was stolen a week ago) unfortunately they only accept card without blinking the guy gave me what I ordered told me they were very yummy and have a great day I wasn’t sure weather to cry or not it’s been a long time since something positive has happened in my life so thank you I’ll definitely be back and telling others

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