EventsRelax with Grill n Tunes during Taste Festival

Relax with Grill n Tunes during Taste Festival

Grill n Tunes Taste Festival Dion Taylor HSG at the Gardens Yagoona Design Australia
HSG at the Gardens' Dion Taylor will partner with local business Yagoona Design Australia to showcase his culinary prowess, creating an unforgettable dining experience for attendees at Taste Festival's Grill n Tunes.

Mouth-watering food will be cooked over open fire and served up in a relaxed alfresco setting during this year’s Taste Bundaberg Festival’s Grill n Tunes event.

Set at the picturesque HSG at the Gardens with a backdrop of live music Grill n Tunes is just one of the fantastic culinary line ups of the annual Taste Bundaberg Festival.

Renowned chef Dion Taylor will partner with local business Yagoona Design Australia to showcase his culinary prowess, creating an unforgettable dining experience for attendees.

The evening will be set with ambient lighting and showcase a slow method of cooking allowing local produce to burst with flavour in every mouthful.

“This is more than just great live music and good food, it's about enjoying all of the elements, combined with great company and genuinely understanding the depth of food our region offers,” Dion said.

“Imagine hundreds of overhead festoon lights, a small group format for a food discovery like no other.”

The menu will feature an entrée of chicken marinated in a Bundaberg spice mix, cooked on swords over coals, with pickled cucumber and Allison Acres salad greens paired with a Cheeky Tikki Cider over ice.

Appetites will then be whet for a main of grilled rosemary and garlic lamb shoulder served with a roasted local sweet potato and capsicum medley.

The Grill n Tunes evening wouldn’t be complete without a dessert of Bundaberg’s Kadilly Coffee espresso martini baked cheesecake and entertainment by local musician Bre Ferguson.

“It takes time to really digest the flavours behind any menu and for me it’s really about the inclusion of as many local brands as possible,” Dion said.

“Hosting a number of events during the festival, it gives me the unique opportunity to tick a heap of commodities off the local list and give ticket holders the opportunity to eat their way through the region!”

Passionate foodies devour Taste Bundaberg Festival too

Taste Bundaberg Festival further cements the Bundaberg Region’s reputation as a burgeoning culinary destination allowing talented chefs, like Dion, to showcase their skills and promote the unique flavours of the region.

Dion has been involved in Taste Bundaberg Festival since its inception and he loves nothing better than working alongside all the passionate foodies in the Bundaberg Region.

“The Taste (Bundaberg) Festival is a lot of work for local food champions, but there is a hidden desire to keep pushing ourselves on the culinary journey,” he said.

“There are often new ingredients or new farmers or new processors popping up and what better way to support them on their journey then to get behind them and their products.

“It's a great way to keep in contact with other local food champions and discuss raising the general foodie vibe in the region.

“The festival attracts locals and tourists alike and it’s great when you hear folks talking about our local region in such a positive light.”

Joining Dion at Grill n Tunes, Yagoona Design Australia will create the perfect experience of outdoor dining with its fire pits and barbecue grills.

“This is a purely passion driven event as I love cooking on open fire,” Dion said.

“There is a level of skill that pushes a chef to the unknown as it's all down to wood, wind and persistence.

“Enjoying the great outdoors has always been a favourite pastime and these days I like to make sure that whilst I'm at work, it's no different.”

Dion said collaborating with Yagoona Design Australia’s Jason Marland and Emily Cleaver had always provided the opportunity to highlight local ingredients and the sentiment was mutual.

“We have been partnering with Dion for a few years now as he loves cooking on our products and introducing new cooking and event concepts to his customers,” Emily said.

“We have operated Yagoona Design Australia from Bundaberg for 10 years.

“Introducing the social grilling experience to many Australian homes with their family and friends and in recent years in the event and catering realm like with HSG and Dion.

Yagoona Taste
The Yagoona team are excited to be part of the 2023 Taste Bundaberg Festival.

“We enjoy being a part of Taste (Bundaberg) Festival as being able to share what our products are all about is so exciting but also to bring a delightful ambience and social entertaining feel in our local outdoor event spaces.

“Yagoona gathers everyone together around the fire which is so much fun to do and is also the perfect way to relax!”

Taste Bundaberg Festival’s Grill n Tunes

When: 5.30 pm Thursday 10 August
Where: HSG at the Garden 57 Gorlicks Road, Branyan
Cost: $78, available Monday 10 July at noon