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Pipeline lays groundwork for growth

coastal sewerage diversion pipeline
Work is continuing on an almost 7 km pipeline as part of a coastal sewerage diversion project that will facilitate growth.

An almost 7 km pipeline connection to the Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant is well underway and there’s more work on the way for the significant project.

The Bargara-Rubyanna Trunk Sewer Main project will deliver a 6,900 metre trunk sewer main, submersible sewer pump station and ancillary infrastructure to divert sewage from the Bargara Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Bundaberg Regional Council Water and Wastewater portfolio spokesperson Cr Jason Bartels said work on the pipeline had been progressing well.

“Constructing the pipeline is a big undertaking which has been underway since February and is now about 60% complete,” Cr Bartels said.

“The Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant was always designed to cater to a higher capacity than the region’s needs at the time of construction.

“The Bargara Wastewater Treatment Plant will continue to operate, with flow over its capacity diverted to Rubyanna.

“We’re now in a very positive position to address the rapid population growth our region has experienced, a lot of which has been focussed in coastal areas.

“While the planning and delivery will take some years, in the long term this coastal sewer diversion project will be sized to cater for coastal wastewater treatment requirements for the next 50 years.”

Cr Bartels said the next stage of the project would be to go to market to find a contractor to construct the pump station and associated plant infrastructure.

“This is a great opportunity for an experienced contractor to work on what will be a significant project that will support the growth of our region.”

Council successfully applied for $2 million in funding support from the Queensland Government Building Our Regions Round 6 funding for the Bargara-Rubyanna Trunk Sewer Main project.

“This funding will improve vital sewerage services,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“We know reliable services are key to the long-term liveability of our community as well as increasing environmental outcomes.”

Member for Bundaberg Tom Smith said the project would make a difference to local residents.

“We’ve heard that across the board, it has been difficult to find funding for these important projects, which aren’t always obvious to ratepayers, so upgrading critical infrastructure will support the longevity of the community and create good, local jobs.”

The Bargara-Rubyanna Trunk Sewer Main project is supported by the Queensland Government Building Our Regions fund.

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