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SES access upgrade to improve response

SES Support Grants
Childers SES members are pleased to hear the news they will receive a helping hand in this year's Council budget.

Their distinctive orange uniforms are often seen when the community needs support but in this year’s Council budget it’s local SES crews being given the helping hand.

Council has partnered with SES Support Grants to enable access upgrades for two local crews.

Both the Moore Park Beach and Childers SES facilities will benefit from the upgrades set to be undertaken in the 2023-24 financial year.

Local Disaster Management Group chair Mayor Jack Dempsey said the aim of the grants program was to provide financial support to Local Governments for projects and initiatives that enable the SES to respond to disasters and emergencies.

Under the grants Queensland Fire and Emergency Services provide 75% of the total cost.

“The ‘Orange Angels’ are always there when our community needs them which is why it’s so important that we help to ensure that the facilities they’re using are adequate to enable them to focus on providing emergency response when needed,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“Both the Moore Park Beach and Childers facilities will have their driveways sealed thanks to this funding.

“The sealing of the Moore Park Beach SES facility will ensure access during all weather conditions.

“Currently the sand-based entryway can create difficulties for SES members and volunteers during wet weather.

“Similarly, the Childers SES depot has a dirt and cracker dust driveway which creates access issues during wet weather.

“In wet weather before the volunteer members can collect their gear and head out to assist others they need to first get in and out of the access which can become boggy and slippery.

“These upgrades will ensure the volunteer members will be provided a safer means of accessing the buildings, ongoing maintenance costs will be minimised and the SES will be able to provide a more efficient means of response to the community.”

He said properly sealed access to the sheds and office would not only assist the members to perform their duties in a safe and professional manner but also allow the community to safely access the site.

“Currently it can become difficult for members of the public to access the depot in wet weather to collect sandbags from the sandpit area as none of the area is sealed.

“The sealing of the area will make it much safer for the volunteer members and the public to access in vehicles.”

Bundaberg Regional SES unit Local Controller Kieran Galey welcomed the funding support.

“The funding support that has been achieved is fantastic news for our SES groups at Moore Park and Childers for improving our service delivery to the community in times of need,” Kieran said.

“These facilities needing these crucial works have been critical in operational response with volunteers responding along our coastline in flood boat rescues, land searches and severe weather.”

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